“Nuanced Analysis”

'Their in-depth memoir enshrines distinct perspectives on the front line of a fraught epidemic, to offer a nuanced analysis: we see both the Herculean efforts on the ground, and the humanitarian response, warts and all. Among the lessons learnt, the need to respect local ‘citizen medics’ and collaborate with governments is pure gold.'

— Nature International Journal of Science

“Honest and Engaging”

‘Written in an honest and engaging tone, their experience behind the scenes of the outbreak is illuminating and highlights important lessons for the management of future outbreaks, and the operational errors that increased the number of lives lost in the west African outbreak of 2014–16.'

— The Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal

"Hundreds of reports have been written on the 2014 epidemic – the most widespread Ebola outbreak since the virus was discovered – but none is nearly as insightful, compassionate or unsparing as this."

Ruadhán Mac Cormaic, The Irish Times


‘This is an account of the eruption of the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and how measures were set in place before the heavy guns of the World Health Organization (WHO) and some other aid organisations came belatedly to help. The book outlines salutary lessons as well as telling tales of enormous personal courage on the part of many Sierra Leoneans, many of whom lost their lives as a result, as well as outsider volunteers.’

— Tropical Doctor