The Hill

Reid Wilson

'Ebola outbreak is worst in Congolese history'

Sunday 11th November 2018

“The conflict in eastern Congo has bred distrust of the government in Kinshasa, and of any international groups that might arrive on the scene to try to help. "There’s a lot of suspicion that the messages about Ebola and the outbreak are false and part of a conspiracy, making it very difficult to convince people to seek treatment or change behavior to protect themselves,"


The Guardian

Lisa O'Carroll

'Book lifts lid on litany of mistakes in Ebola outbreak that killed 11,300 people'

"The book... is a compelling read, full of compassion, grief, ingenuity and stories of courage and unstinting commitment of local nurses, cleaners and others who remain unsung heroes of Ebola. But it is also full of tales of denial, extraordinary lapses in leadership and awkward truths that will make uncomfortable reading for many, locally and internationally."

BBC World Service

Lawrence Pollard

Interview with Sinead Walsh on the BBC World Service's Newsday Programme

‘"We think the biggest failure of the response was to take a community approach. We focused on getting beds up and running, with health workers and so on, which is of course imperative, but what we didn't take into account is that it doesn't matter how many ambulances you have if the community is not with you, if people don't believe you are trying to help them." 

The Daily Express

Liam Doyle

'Ebola outbreak 2018: The politics inside an epidemic REVEALED'

Tuesday 28th August 2018

EBOLA still retains a deep grip on the Democratic Republic of Congo following its deadly outbreak in 2014. Sinead Walsh, former Irish Ambassador to Sierra Leone, talks about how politics affected the catastrophic Ebola outbreak there in 2014. 

Interview with Sinead Walsh for Irish Times Podcast by Ruadhan Mac Cormaic

Tuesday 28th August 2018

The Ebola virus exploded in West Africa in 2014, causing the deaths of over 11,300 people. Sinead Walsh was there, serving as Ireland's ambassador to Sierra Leone, and she witnessed first-hand how the international humanitarian system operated, and failed to operate, under the toughest of circumstances.


Tesa Arcilla

Interview with Oliver Johnson explaining how new outbreak shows why Ebola containment requires permanent vigilance

"One of the things that the World Health Organization has said is that Ebola is a constant threat, it lives in animal populations and at any time it can transfer over to humans... It's a reminder that this is something we're going to see in the years ahead."

The Big Issue

'A doctor and a diplomat talk life on the frontline of the Ebola epidemic'

"Fear was everywhere. Many people who could afford a plane ticket left. Then the airlines started cancelling their flights to Sierra Leone and the panic ratcheted up further. Those of us who chose to stay tried to help in whatever way we could. Most of us had no idea what to do.

Irish Independent

'Health workers were dying left, right and centre. It was one of the most difficult things' 

"When Ebola had occurred in other countries, it had been associated with a lot of bleeding. We didn't see that. The symptoms of Ebola are a lot like those of malaria: fever is a big thing. We had so few resources, and we didn't get big international help in the early days. If we had, what we saw could have been avoided."

RTE Radio 1

Marian Finucane Show

Interview of Sinead Walsh by renowned broadcaster Marian Fincuane on Irish RTE Radio 1

"Sierra Leone is the tenth poorest country in the world, and it's pretty much the same land mass as Ireland, so it's interesting to make comparisons. But it's also depressing - Ireland has a life expectancy of 81 and Sierra Leone is at 51. Before Ebola hit we had a food crisis, problems corruption and education, so when we heard about Ebola we though 'Oh God no 

Pat Kenny Show

Interview of Sinead Walsh and Oliver Johnson by Pat Kenny on Newstalk

Getting to Zero: A Doctor and Diplomat on Ebola Dr. Sinead Walsh and Dr. Oliver Johnson have written a book describing the massive challenges they faced while tackling the ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone.

Spirit Radio

Morning SHow

Interview with Sinead Walsh on The Morning Show on Spirit Radio

Dr Sinead Walsh (Ireland’s Ambassador to Sierra Leone during the devastating Ebola outbreak in 2014) speaks to Wendy about her new book release co-authored by Dr Oliver Johnson ‘Getting to Zero'